🚩The Exam feature is available in Education Mode.

Exams that have been registered can be checked, and new questions can be registered.

However, surveys can be registered only inside a meeting room.

1. Exam/Surveys : Check and give exam & surveys



New questions can be registered. Registered questions can be checked.

2. Enter the title, question, choices, etc., and then register the question.


  1. Enter the title of the exam.
  2. Enter the question.
  3. Enter the multiple choices. One or more answers must be registered.
  4. Choices may be added.
  5. After entering all of the following items and clicking [Register Question], the registration of the question is complete.
  6. The order of questions can be changed or questions can be deleted.
  7. Questions can be added in both types - multiple-choice questions and short answer questions.